Redefining charity. One sustainable community at a time.


We believe sustainable development is the solution to an unbalanced community. Whether the unbalance is structurally, environmentally, socially, or economically, by establishing a strong network of sustainable support, we can make a difference.

Projects &SERVICES

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We publish articles right to this webpage so you can stay connected with us. Here you will find informative descriptions on things like sustainability & community economics. Subscribe to stay informed and receive these articles ​right to your email. 

 Sustainable building, permaculutre farming, and community fundraising are

some of our current projects. We  also offer services to help sustain our organization like the CCBA,, and fundraising support. 

*This is a photo of a sustainable Hmong village at the peak of Doi Suthep, Northern Thailand. 


To support our efforts of spreading sustainableility and community consciousness around the globe

We spend a lot of our time researching and visiting communities everywhere. Our goal with this research is discover what struggles and successes we can learn from so to help these communities in the unique ways they need. Look into our studies by following the link below.